Sweet Style: 9 Dress Styles Teens Will Love This Spring

Are you a teenager trying to be as trendy as possible in spring 2020? Click here to learn some awesome dress styles for teens that will boost your confidence.


Is your closet all set for the spring of the year 2020? For teenagers, finding the right dress style is important in making an impact in their social circles. If you’re one of the many who feel clueless about what styles will stick this 2020, don’t worry. Below, we’ve got a list of the spring dress styles for teens this 2020. We’ve included styles for casual and day-to-day wear. We also included styles to help you find the perfect prom dress.

  1. Vibrant and Colorful Layers

After the dark and harsh winter, the earth blooms with wonderful and vibrant colors. Often, you’d see pinks, yellows, greens, blues, and more. Nature is progressing and so should your dress style. Bring this theme of various spring colors to your closet. Vibrant colors show your fun and energetic side. Include some neon accessories or layers for an eye-catching spring style. Put the colors together in layers. Note that these layers aren’t only there for aesthetic purposes. They’ll also help you get through the chill in the early spring.

  1. Chic Floral Prints

Floral patterns are a classic style for spring outfits. Donning floral prints is a more direct way of “wearing” the season. No matter the trend, floral dress styles for teens will remain as a constant in spring fashion. For casual outings or trips, buy yourself a floral midi dress. If you’re going on holiday for the spring break, pack a floral maxi open-back dress for the trip. You’d look stylish and chic on your trip and in your Instagram photos.


The floral pattern also works as a cute and chic prom dress style. Most prom dresses keep their floral prints at the lower half of the dress while the upper half is a solid color. However, there are also masterful dresses out there wholly in floral print.

  1. Dress in Sheer Elegance

Are you looking for the most sophisticated prom dresses 2020 has to offer? Look no further. The answer lies in sheer material, in all its stylish and see-through glory. Sheer can also lend you a touch of sexiness. Its see-through properties help you show off only enough skin. Make sure you don’t overdo it like with how Kendall Jenner did at Met Gala 2017.


If you like wearing illusions, look into sheer dresses that have an illusion neckline. These are dresses that seem to fade into your skin. Some designers use sheer to make designs that make wearing them look impossible.

  1. Classic Ball Gown

Ah, yes, the classic bell-bottom ball gown. It’s one of the most popular dress styles for teenagers when prom comes rolling down the corner. It’s the go-to style for many who want to look and feel special on their grand prom night. The ball gown has been around for centuries and why it’s still the go-to style is not surprising. The ball gown is flattering on everyone. Whether you are curvy, petite, slim, or tall, you’ll look good in a ball gown. Let’s not forget that it comes in a ton of variations, too.

  1. Striped Dress Styles for Teens

Do you look good in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines? Depending on their orientation, stripes can match almost anyone. The key to wearing stripes well is to know how they match you best. This is one of the more flexible dress styles for teen girls, too. You can also use your striped dress well into the summer. Mix and match it with solid colors and accessories to enhance your look.

  1. Sweet, Shiny, and Sequined

Surveys found that teenagers spend $2600 on food and clothes every year on average. When you look at the costs of food and clothes, it’s not too surprising. Many teens also invest in clothes that will make certain occasions and events feel special.


Prom is one such event that many teenagers invest in. It’s a black-tie gathering that occurs only a couple of times in their lives, after all. Thus, it’s fine for you to splurge a little more on the dress you’re wearing. Sequins can make any dress type sparkle on prom night. Whether the sequins highlight a certain area or make up the whole dress, they’re apt for prom. Better yet, sequins will make you shine whatever the color of your skin.

  1. Flannel Dress

This one drives more toward casual wear than formal wear. Flannel dresses can mean different garment types. For example, you might consider a very long flannel shirt a dress. These dresses give you a very laid back look, as flannel and plaid patterns are wont to do. They’re also trans-seasonal. With that said, light-colored flannel dresses give off more of the spring-time vibe.

  1. Thigh High Slits

This is one of the showier prom dress styles out there. It’s great for girls who want to show off the right amount of skin. Yep, one whole leg is all it takes to make you look stunning and remarkable. Of course, the rest of the dress is also important to note. For example, a long-sleeve prom dress with a thigh-high slit can make you look elegant. A-line halter dresses with a high slit can emphasize and prettify your athletic build.

  1. Trendy in Pastel

The spring often symbolizes the time for rebirth and renewal. People also often relate the season to hope, youth, and growth. Take these themes and incorporate them into your fashion style for the season. The typical colors of spring flowers enhance your youth and help beautify it. It works whether you’re choosing dresses for casual wear, formal events, and everything in between. This is why many dress styles for teenage girls often come in pastel colors.


That’s it for our guide on spring dress styles for teens this 2020. Now, you know how to keep up with the incoming spring fashion. Whenever you’re following a trend, never forget to express your individuality as well. Did you enjoy reading this guide on spring dress styles? Do you want to read more guides on fashion and styles? For more helpful and enjoyable posts, check out our other guides now.

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