How to Choose The Perfect Dress for Your Body Shape


Historically, fashion was a one dimensional consumer game. The best of the best only fit a certain body type. Fashion houses and boutiques made clothes for people that would make them look good, whether it was on the red carpet, or the trendiest nightclub. But now, those days are over. There’s much more inclusiveness in fashion now. One can look to any store and find something that would work perfectly with their shape. This, and other trends over the past decade, have created an unprecedented movement of new customers from all over the world. But because this new inclusive facet of fashion, some might be wondering: “how do I choose the right dress? What would work best with my body shape?”


Here, we’ll look at the general outlines that our bodies tend to take on, as well as the kinds of dresses that can elevate our look on any occasion.


More triangular bodies are characterized by a waist wider than your bust, with fuller hips, and narrower shoulders in comparison to your hips. Some people call this “pear shaped.” When finding a dress for this body type. You’re going to want to look for designs that highlight waist, back, and neckline. Things that draw the eyes upward. Like a wedding for instance, where bachelorettes and mothers of the groom and the bride needs to appear refined. If you notice, the dresses that highlight the back are increasingly popular. This creates an elongating effect that is perfect for elegant long dresses and accessorizing with dramatic necklaces and wonderful earrings. And for the occasion? It has a dazzling effect. This is perfect for those boutique and vintage pieces you have in your jewelry box. A-line dresses, waist-length cuts, and those extra fabulous coats are your friend.

Inverted Triangle

For those who are well-proportioned, with narrower hips and without a clearly defined waistline, you might be the inverse of a triangle: the inverted triangle. For this body shape, you can definitely highlight your upper body and limbs. Your arms, legs, and bust are all stars of the show. This means playful tunics, any sort of V neck you can find, and A-line silhouettes. And the best part? You should totally go sleeveless. Show those arms! These are all hallmark wonders for the inverted triangle shape. You’ve got a lot of good to work with, and it doesn’t take much to play it off well.


If you have an hourglass shape, congratulations! In recent years, because of social media influencers and the evolution of what sells, the hourglass figure has been the darling of fashion houses all over the world. Curvy, well defined waist, full bust, and with even shoulder-hip ratio, all are defining characteristics of this body shape. When looking for a dress, wraps and anything that highlight your waist does excellently. Accentuating the form is the name of the game here, and drawing attention to it often means the more tight-fitting dresses.


The perfect dress is always a matter of trial and error. People don’t fit into perfect archetypes of “shape.” Instead, we have bits and detail associated with each one, all wrapped in the packaging that is us. So if you know that your best features are your hips, yet you want to highlight your arms, you can definitely do that! It’s all in how you work it. And chances are, with the tips above, you will work it well.

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