Celebrate Your 25th Wedding Anniversary in Style

Twenty-five years is an important milestone for any married couple, with most wanting to mark the occasion in a meaningful way with family and friends. Depending on their personality, some would want to celebrate the day in a quieter, more traditional manner, as opposed to others who are open to trying different things and are generally more interested in doing away with the conventional.


No matter your preference, there are different ideas that can be adapted according to your tastes and budget. The following are a few things to help you get started.

Build a show reel

No, we don’t mean shooting on 16mm film, although that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Basically, you can purchase a reel viewer – the sort that we used as kids a few years back – either brand new or used online. Assemble a series of your favorite snapshots throughout the years, documenting your time together. The reel itself is something that you can get made to order via different outlets easily. All you have to do is send your pictures and the manufacturer will compile everything together to insert into the viewer.


Once you receive the made-to-order reel, just pop it in and watch the years you spent together go by. This nostalgic gift is beautifully sentimental and will last years to come.

Other sentimental offerings

Building on this idea of a “showreel” and highlighting important moments together, you can also pursue other similar arts and crafts projects. For example, if you have a lot of home movies shot on Super 8mm, or even on those mini DVs that were so popular in the 1990s, you might want to view them again. There are plenty of places where you can have this material transferred into an easy to view format – maybe a DVD or on a USB stick. Then you can invite close friends and family for a viewing party.


Or, perhaps you want to do something that feels even more intimate and is just for the two of you. A photo album with pictures highlighting important milestones in the trajectory of your marriage would be great. Or, you can go to an old school route and make a “mix-tape” for each other, compiling different songs that you both loved listening and dancing to when you first met. This is all an opportunity for you to get creative and walk down memory lane together.

Throw a party

Well, this is the most traditional way of celebrating a huge milestone, with good reason. Most couples would want to observe their time together in the presence of their kids, extended family, and best friends. Good food, music by one of the best local bands in your community, plenty of dancing and merriment: there’s fun for everyone and sometimes, having a big hoopla is necessary.

Go on an adventure


If you both love to travel and prefer to spend a bit of quiet time together, then why don’t you go on a trip abroad? If this is too expensive, then a weekend alone would suffice. You can go to bed and breakfast, hiking, or even go scuba diving at the beach. These are all fun things to do as a couple and will give you a chance to bond and feel closer as you mark this special occasion.

Organize a day of service

Another less traditional idea is to hold a day of service where you and your friends gather to do something charitable. You can volunteer at a local organization, or have a big garage sale with all the proceeds going to an important cause. There are a few ways to do this, and it’s good to be reminded of all the things you both have and being able to help others.

Commemorative jewelry

You can order a small, custom made pendant or a pair of cufflinks – or both – marking the day of your twenty-fifth anniversary. This is an area where you can also get creative, but perhaps you’d like to have the piece engraved with the line of a poem you both love and sweet remembrances that bears a personal relevance to you. This is another area where you can improvise and just create something special for you both to enjoy.


Milestones are made to be celebrated. Even if you’re not the kind of couple to be very showy or celebrate things like Valentine’s Day, twenty-five years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at. It’s a beautiful thing when couples can make that kind of commitment and stick to it, so you should definitely find a way of marking it and noting how special it is.


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