Six Things To Remember Before Buying A Walking Floor Trailer


When you are managing a logistics company, you need to consider all the trailers that you might need to help your customers. There are some trailers that have a moving floor, and you could buy as many as you need when you haul heavy loads that need to slide off the trailer without sending out a team of men to lift these items. Plus, you need to be sure that you understand how these trailers function once you have bought them.

1. What Does The Moving Floor Trailer Do?

A walking floor trailer will slide any item off the trailer using a motorized platform. The conveyor belt that is on the trailer will move at any speed that you like, and you will need to use these trailers with all the items that are simply too heavy to move.

You may think that the recipient of the shipment should have a crane or forklift that can move these items off the trailer, but there are a lot of companies who do not have this equipment.

2. The Trailer Is Just Like Other Trailers

Most people who would like to order one of these trailers might think the trailers are too bulky. These trailers are not that hard to drive because they are the same width and height as any other trailer. You are not asking your drivers to haul something that is too large to drive. Your drivers can easily drive these trailers anywhere they need to go, and you will get the serve without wasting fuel or time.

3. The Trailer Has An Operational Manual

You must teach all the drivers on your team how to use these trailers. The trailers need to be operated safely so that all the items that come off them are protected. You must teach your staff how to manage the speed of the trailer, how to park it, and how to detach when it needs to be removed from the current trailer. When your driver knows how to manage the trailer, they will be able to deliver shipments much more quickly.

You must have a procedure for managing the trailers, and you must have a speed limit for your drivers that will prevent them from running the conveyor belt too fast. Most people who are learning to use these conveyor belts need to use them in the warehouse before leaving. You may also teach a tutorial before sending your drivers out with these trailers.

4. What Is The Weight Rating?

The weight rating for these trailers is typically very high, but you need to make sure that you are loading the appropriate items on these trailers. The trailers can be attached to any truck, and they can move anything that fits within their weight rating. If you are not certain of how much you need to haul, you should research your shipment patterns before buying your trailer.

5. The Trailers May Have Raised Walls

The trailers may have raised walls if you want a bit of protection for the things that you are carrying. These trailers are not completely enclosed, but they will give the items a bit of protection with a raised wall. If you need to have an open platform because you may need to load your items from the side, you need to make sure that you can a flatbed with no walls.

If you get a trailer with raised walls, you can use the trailer to carry something like a car or other vehicle. You may also want to purchase covers that will help protect these vehicles when they are loaded on the trailer. You can untie the vehicle from the trailer when you are ready to run the conveyor belt.

6. Unloading Without Any Effort

If you are delivering traditional items that are delivered in boxes, you can unload these items while allowing the moving floor to simple drop those items in the hands of the people who are helping you unload the trailer. This is a fast way for you to work with your partners, and your drivers do not need to put in any work with unloading. There are times when you have liability concerns for your drivers because they already have to drive a long distance. Your driver can rest for a minute while the walking floor does the rest.


There are a number of ways for you to use a moving floor trailer, but you need to make sure that you have chosen the appropriate trailer for your business. Get the trailer that is the right length for your company, the proper weight rating, and will attach to any truck you run. You can buy these trailers to save your drivers time and energy. Plus, your clients will be happy because deliveries are made safely and efficiently.


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