Signs You Need Window Installation and Repair Colorado Springs

Your windows allow light and air to enter your home, giving proper ventilation or air circulation for a refreshing new day every time. However, your windows may become leaky, cold, and foggy, which would land you into making a decision whether you need to repair or replace them.

Below are the signs that you need window repair or new installation:

Water Leakage Coming Around Your Windows

If you detect interior water near the window areas, it usually comes from around the windows and not through them. Remember that poorly draining pipes and gutters can force water into your windows. While window seals hold backwater, they cannot handle water with great force. You can re-route your water drainage system, and check if it makes a difference.

Also, the exterior part of your window casing might need repair or replacement if it causes excessive water infiltration. This issue is a whole exterior problem. However, if the water comes through your windows, then it’s high time to contact professional window replacement Colorado Springs services.

Foggy Windows

Water condenses inside pane windows, causing fog. Today, windows have self-sufficient built-in sealed and permanent insulated glass unit or IGU. Insulating glass or double glazing windows have two or more glass. This type of window glass provides great protection from storms, as well as reduces heat flow. However, replacing these types of windows are more difficult because of their weight.

If you have foggy windows and cleaning them doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need to contact professional window installation Colorado Springs services to ensure safety, and avoid accidents caused by DIY installations. Removal and replacement of insulating glass is the only option. So if you have foggy insulated glass windows, it would mean replacing the entire unit, the frame, IGU, and everything. Another option would be to replace the sash only.

Cracked or Broken Window Glass

When your window glass is bad, visual acuity and safety are compromised. While you can repair a single-pane window, you need a professional to fix cracked or broken multi-paned glass, or sash replacement will be required. However, if this problem has been going on for a long time, you need to consider replacing the entire window.

Don’t try replacing the glass of your window if you don’t have any background or experience doing it because it may just lead to an injury or accident. Contact a professional window repair company to do the job using the right techniques, tools, and equipment.

Broken Mullions or Muntins

Mullions or muntins refer to wood pieces that separate glass panes. Faux mullions and muntins that are set between two glass panes cannot be replaced. However, they won’t affect the functionality of your windows.

On the other hand, split, or rotting mullions and muntins need rebuilding. Brittle or missing putty that holds the glass panes can be fixed. Remove the glass and scrape the area to clean it and then apply a fresh putty. Make sure to secure the glass using new points of a glazier. If you don’t know how to proceed, contact a window expert.


Inoperable Older Window Sashes


A typical problem of outdated or older windows are inoperable lower or upper sashes. It means that these sashes cannot be moved, probably because of multiple paint layers that bridge the frame and the sash which hold the two together.

Another reason is that the window sash came off the track. Broken cords on the weights on the sash make raising the sashes hard to do. On the other hand, the spring may have come loose or failed for spring-type sashes. You can fix this window problem by replacing the entire window.

Rotting or Missing Drip Cap

The drip cap refers to the exterior shield found at the top of windows. This issue is easy to repair, and you can fix it by yourself by purchasing rust-free and rot-free aluminum drip caps in home centers. With poor exterior casing, you can find primed wood casings at home centers, or if the cracks and rot are extensive or major parts are missing, along with a foggy window, you might consider full window replacement.


If your windows are foggy, has cracks, are unappealing, or not operable, you’ll need the help of a window installation and repair company. Assessing the current condition of your windows is crucial to ensure that you can use your windows safely. Don’t attempt to fix your windows if you don’t have the proper skills and experience to avoid injury and aggravating the situation.

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