7 Tips for Optimizing a Small Office Space

Office design plays an important role in the success of a business. There are always new trends being adopted to ensure exciting, functional office designs. In 2019 and beyond emphasis is going to be about the creative use of workspaces.

Always be aware of the type of tasks being performed in your small office so that the office space you have is used wisely and actually supports the task.

We look at 7 tips for making the most of the small office workspace you have.

1. Use Your Walls

Walls are an untapped resource. Use tall bookshelves that reach to the ceiling and store things there. You can even use sconces for lighting as they don’t require floor, desk or table space. You can customize new shelves and fit them into awkward, unused nooks and spaces.

2. Standing Desks on Wheels

Standing workstations offer a slew of benefits, particularly when they are not tied down to one location. Adjustable standing workstations on wheels allow workers to choose how and where they want to work. They’re great for holding small stand-up meetings too, and the benefit is that the meeting is sure to be shorter.

3. Office Chairs with Flip Up Arms

Every office has at least one office chair, and you might be hard pressed to think of how they can be modified to save space as well.

Enter office chairs with arms that fold away. This makes it possible to tuck in the chair under the desk whenever you’re not using it. That adds a ton of open space to your office on demand.

4. Go Paperless

Documents need to be filed and filing cabinets take up space. Here’s the thing- it’s actually possible to get rid of all that random paper that litters your desk and office.

There are heaps of apps such as Evernote which make cloud-based note-taking easy and space-saving. Tools like Dropbox are also useful for reducing paper clutter.

Saving files in the cloud will help your office reduce paper waste. Other items that you want immediately in paper form can be filed away while you slowly scanned them into digital form.

5. Use multi-purpose Furniture

There are many ingenious office furniture pieces that are dual or even triple use. So for instance, where you’d normally have a separate desk and bookshelf, you can get a coffee or small boardroom table that is also a desk and a storage place. With multi-purpose furniture, you can make the most of your small office space.

6. Compact Furniture

If your office space is seriously small, why not think about having pieces of furniture that are designed for minimum space and which can be folded away? This sort of furniture is practical and clever.

There is a good range of specially designed folding chairs and tables that can help your small office adjust and adapt to any situation. When you’re done using your fold-down desk, it just folds back and becomes part of the wall. The furniture can be folded up so it frees up floor space for each event taking place in your office.

7. Remove Clutter

A messy desk or office floor is guaranteed to have a negative impact on productivity.

Use a combination of cable management kits, storage boxes and multi-level shelves to clear away as much as possible the items you do not need to either use or see. A clutter free space not only gives you more room to work with things you do need to access, but has a positive effect on your mood as well.

Summing Up

New ideas for freeing up space in your office don’t have to be complicated. The easiest way to get valuable ideas is to look at other small office spaces that used some creativity and cleverly picked items to make their small office space successful.

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