Should You Get A Tattoo To Celebrate A Divorce?

Have you ever had a tattoo on your skin? If not, perhaps you are thinking about getting your first one. Is an important life event such as a marriage, love, death, or divorce the main reason you want to get inked?

It is quite natural for people to mark an important life event with a celebration or a ceremony, but sometimes they do it with a tattoo.

According to one League City divorce lawyer, the divorce rate of the United States is 3.2% per 1,000 people. That may not sound like much but with a population exceeding 3 million, that number quickly becomes a lot.

I’m a huge advocate of divorce parties and celebrations because it is a very positive take on something that is normally perceived as a negative event in an individual’s life. In fact, divorce showers are now a thing.

Is It Really Worth Inking Yourself Over A Divorce?

If you see tattoo reality shows, you will easily see various reasons why people get inked and it is pretty much their personal decision. For example, a couple who just got engaged could decide to get matching tattoos.

But the passion and love new lovebirds share will likely run out at some point in their lives. Here is a matter of fact, tattoos usually outlive most marriages in the U.S. So would you want to have something on your skin that reminds you of the ‘one big messup’ in your life? I think not.

For example, I know a good friend (a woman) who decided to get inked for the first time after she had a break-up from her two-year old relationship. It was a bird tattoo (probably symbolizing freedom). But I can’t help wonder, why would she want somthing like that stamped on her skin for the rest of her life? I definitely wouldn’t want to see a tattoo I put up after a break-up 20 years later only to have it remind me of the painful breakup.

Call me old-fashioned but I believe it is not a good idea to get inked over something like a break-up or a divorce. It may help you move on temporarily, it may even help you feel good about yourself, but at the end of the day, when the time passes by, it will only remind you of bad memories.

But if you absolutely must get a tattoo to celebrate divorce, or for any other matter related to a divorce, I would only recommend getting a minimlistic tatto done somewhere on the skin where it isn’t always visible to your eyes.

If you’re looking for a cool minimalist tattoo, check these hand-poked tattoo designs by Shin Yeoreum. I’m confident you’ll find something that symbolizes this life event of yours. But as I have already said, If I would be you, I would rather celebrate the divorce with a party than get inked for life.

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