Minimalist Hand-Poke Tattoo Designs by Shin Yeoreum

Seoul, South Korea based Shin Yeoreum has been in the tattoo world as an artist for 2 years. Previously, he worked as a physical therapist at a hospital then he started designing tattoos as he has always been interested in ink art. He uses hand-poke technique which is the non-electric method done freestyle with needle and ink used in ancient times. He explains hand-poke tattoo as follows ” This type of tattoos are made without literally using a machine. I needle the designs on customers by hand. I prefer this technique as it has a good color and less damage on the skin. Simplicity is the keyword for our designs as currently our guests ask for minimalist and cute designs with vintage texture which makes a cool genre.” Have a look at our selection of his wonderful artwork and remember to share your thoughts with us!

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