Premium Domain Names and Why They Matter to Your Business

It’s not crazy to say that every dollar counts because it does in this world we live in. For some businesses, times are tougher as they look at every dollar they spend to ensure that they’re getting the return they desire for their investments.

Even then, why would entrepreneurs, business owners and normal folks want to pay premium for a simple domain name? The answer is simply because simple domains can make a lot of difference.

Looking at premium domains

Premium domains are domain that was registered previously and got back on the market for resale. It’s like an antique store for domain names but these items did not depreciate but rose instead!

These days there are around 76 million registered names worldwide. This means that it will be painstakingly difficult to find a very intrinsic (, names. These names were registered years ago but now, these early domain registrants are open to part with their domain names for the right price. Some of these sales even live in infamies like that sold for $2.6 million in 2008 or the much-prized that sold for $7.5 million in 1999. However, the average premium domain price tag usually ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

The benefits of premium domain name for businesses

Instant online branding that works. A simple domain name allows your online business to get instant branding. Premium domain names are usually easy to recall, type and is instantly associated with a product or service (,, Business owners won’t have to help visitors understand what they might expect to find on their site. The domain itself builds instant online brand that defines your online business naturally.

More traffic due to direct navigation. Your brand will acquire traffic from direct navigation. Some internet users just type what they are looking for into the internet browser address line ( Sites that reside at a no-nonsense domain like this can reap the benefits of direct navigation, which means a customer is coming directly to the site because they typed the domain directly into the web browser. No need to spend a single dollar to market your site.

Improved SEO ranking: Your domain name also affects your search engine rankings. The more easily associated your domain name is with your businesses’ product or service and the search queries of customers, the more likely that you’ll be ranked high in the search results.

Premium domain plus premium host

So, you’ve come up or already chosen a domain name. What’s next? You need to have it hosted by a web host, which will serve as the home of your future website. You’ll want a host that has servers and dedicated support staff to assist you every step of the way.

If you live in Australia, don’t go around shopping for host in Dubai with servers only located therein as web speed and communication can be a dire issue. The best practice is to go with providers in your own country or region.


The takeaway advice here is that small businesses shouldn’t count out domain name. Also, it will greatly benefit your business if your chosen host have servers in your own country. Therefore, hosting Australia will have servers in the region that will ensure that your domain name is matched with a fast web loading speed and your business is granted with reliable support. Research to see if the right domain name is available for your business and which host to select alongside it. Most domain registrars offer hosting along with domain registration to help you do business and manage your preferences in one place.

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