Searching For A Wedding Band: A Guide

There is one detail in a wedding that many prospective brides and grooms overlook. If a bride and groom want to have a memorable experience at their wedding reception, they should consider possibly hiring a wedding band. Although it is considered easier to hire a wedding DJ, hiring a wedding band may add a finishing touch to the wedding reception that might have not been considered before. Even in recent surveys conducted by sources like Wedding Wire found that ‘many wedding guests consider the music at the wedding reception to set the stage for the amount of fun they may experience at the wedding.’ The presence of a great wedding band changes the atmosphere of the entire reception and even the wedding itself.

What to know about finding a wedding band

Live music during the wedding ceremony can really set the stage for the vows exchange, while an energetic band playing during each hour of the reception really gets the wedding guests in the mood for great fun that turns into lasting memories. Prospective brides and grooms who desire a memorable wedding experience should consider hiring a wedding band as soon as possible.

There is a catch, though. How can both the bride and groom find the perfect wedding band for the ceremony and reception? To start, both bride and groom should be involved in the selection process. Since music itself is considered highly dependent on personal preference, both bride and groom should join forces and make music selections that suit their collective tastes. When both parties are on the same page, they should begin the actual process of finding a great wedding band.

How soon should the bride and groom search for a wedding band? Many wedding planning resources highly suggest starting to find a wedding band at least 12 months in advance, well before the actual wedding date. It is not suggested to start any later than that, since the band may have other obligations to fulfill during that timeframe. Other wedding obligations, such as securing the venue, may prevent either party from successfully booking their selected band or musical act, as well. For those reasons, always book any musical act or band up to a year in advance to be safe.

Once both the bride and groom decide when to book, it is important for them to take time to figure out how the band will be used during the wedding. As mentioned, a wedding band typically plays different kinds of music during the reception. Some wedding bands are also booked to play throughout the wedding ceremony, giving the wedding party members a backdrop of live music as they walk the aisle. Many wedding bands also perform cover versions of songs or instrumental music that may be special to both the bride and groom. Depending on the desires of the bride and groom, the use of a great wedding band has many possibilities.

Getting started with finding a wedding band

It is not difficult to find wedding bands who are available for weddings and other public events. Finding a wedding band that suits a specific wedding event, however, takes time. Both the bride and groom should begin the search for a wedding band as soon as possible, usually right as they begin booking the venue about a year in advance.

There are several ways that both bride and groom can start their search for a wedding band:

Get references from friends, family, and past customers. Some of the best wedding bands garner positive feedback from their past clients. To learn more about potential wedding bands, always ask others who may have booked them in the past for information. They may have exactly what either bride or groom need to hear about their performance. Sometimes, friends and family may have used a wedding band in the past, so it is suggested to ask them about the band as well.

Learn what type of wedding band they require. There are many different types of wedding bands out there that play many different types of music. Both the bride and groom should discuss what music suits their desires for the ceremony and/or reception and start querying potential bands that fit their musical tastes. It is recommended to do this step as soon as possible, so the band can be booked well in advance.

Interview and audition the band before the wedding. To learn more about the band they might want to book, the bride and groom should interview and audition the band well before they book them. The band interview should mainly involve both parties learning more about what the band can do for the wedding ceremony and/or reception. The band may also offer to perform for the bride and groom, especially if either party wants to see if they are the right fit for the wedding ceremony and reception. The interview process is also a good time to talk about budget concerns, the band lineup, song choices, and any other venue-related necessities that the band may require.

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