Enchanting Nature Embracing Seductive Beauty in Portraits by Sam Elkins

The epic battle between two sides of beauty. Sam Elkins is a portrait and commercial photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s a well achieved self-taught photographer who’s been recognized by many publications and companies such as Vogue, VSCO and Photography Monthly Magazine. In these portraits, you will see the struggle in the balance of enchanting nature and seductive beauty of gorgeous models. With soft light, embracing these two battling wonders spiking raw attraction towards the every eye of the beholder, Sam easily captivates and steals the breath from people around the world. Join over 675 thousand people who are following Sam’s astonishing work through his Instagram.

Striking statement of beauty

Meadows of heaven

Vibrant yellow trying to steal the thunder

Where to gaze first?

Stunning landscape!


I can’t even…

Adventures of grace

In love, I am.

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