Caring Citizens of Istanbul Found a Way to Help Stray Animals During These Cold Days

Our beloved lord Eddard Stark has been warning us about this for years, and now the true winter finally came! The whole Europe is buried in snow and Istanbul hasn’t seen this kind of snowstorm since 2009. The city is in complete mayhem, 65cm of snow fell literally overnight, flights have been canceled, but it looks like it has been particularly hard for stray animals. These unfortunate cats and dogs have been freezing to death these few days, but fortunately, the kind and caring citizens of Istanbul decided to help them during these cold days. They’ve been giving away blankets and food for these poor devils, and some of them have even opened their homes nad offices to take care of these animals. One of those caring people is Selçuk Bayal, who opened his small store and made it into a shelter for stray cats. “We are human, and these creatures are entrusted to us by God. We are responsible for looking after them”, said Bayal. We hope this lovely story will warm your hearts during these cold days.

Look at those balls of fur.

He’s feeling a little bit better now.

A true hero!

Enjoying the warmth!

What a crew.

Blankets for unfortunate dogs.

“I love this strange heat-providing device!”

This fella doesn’t like the snow!

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