Black And White Realistic Tattoo Designs by Elena Spedale

Tattoo artist Elena Spedale resides in the Province of Milan, Italy, and she will open her studio in downtown Milan soon. She started tattooing in 2015 as a self-taught artist while struggling with many difficulties, until about a year later, when she managed to start working in a tattoo studio where she had the opportunity to learn a lot and where she began to take her career path as a tattoo artist more seriously. Her style is mainly realistic black and white. “It is the style I feel most comfortable with, which also reflects me the most. It was a natural choice because even before I started tattooing, I always drew in this style. Lately, I have also been loving trash polka and some other graphic elements that I would like to try to combine with my style.” she stated in our online interview with her. We also asked her about her source of inspiration for this kind of art and she replied as follows; “Inspiration can come from so many things, from cinema, photography, art, and certainly, from the many tattoo artists that I admire.”, adding that; “The best works always emerge when there is a story to tell or a passion that should be illustrated behind the images; for me, tattoos should do this. They should tell the story of those who have them.” She has a unique style for realistic tattoo designs and inks them flawlessly on the skin. Elena has loads of perfect body ink art pieces on her feed and we’ve selected just some of our favourite ones for you. Get inspired!