Fine Line And Micro Realistic Tattoo Designs by Abraham D. Tayeh

Bogotá-Colombia based Abraham D. Tayeh is an industrial designer by profession and has been working as tattoo artist since March 2017. He is specialised in fine line and micro-realism. He works day after day to perfect his technique and style. “I have had the pleasure of tattooing in Miami, Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Ibagué, Santa Marta, among others.” he states on his blog, adding that; “The most beautiful thing about my art is being able to meet incredible people and stories every day and having the fortune of leaving a piece of my art on your skin for life.” His portfolio covers one word tattoos, inspirational quotes, names, dates besides animal designs such as fish, cats, dogs, seahorse in minimalist style. He also inks custom designs on request to reflect something very special and of your own inked on your skin. His work is very clean and neatly tattooed in detail which can be seen especially in microrealistic designs. If you are looking for simple yet eye-catching designs as your next tattoo, you must see Abraham’s artwork before making up your mind. Here we showcase our favourite ones taken from his Instagram feed.