How to Organize Your Garden Tools

When you are an avid gardener, you end up finding yourself needing a lot of tools. If you have a shed, then at least you have somewhere to keep them but most people’s sheds are a complete mess. Finding good solutions for organizing your garden tools is going to make your life so much easier. This article aims to help explain some simple ways to organize your garden tools

Wind Up Your Hose

If you have a garden of a reasonable size then you probably have a hose. Hoses are notoriously difficult to keep tidy, they’re long, unwieldy, and prone to getting tangled up and full of kinks. Not only is this frustrating to deal with, but they also tend to take up a lot of space. Getting a wall mounted hose reel can solve a lot of problems. By tidying away your hose and making it more easily accessible, hose reels will also help preserve the life of your hose. Winding up your hose and attaching it to a wall is one of the best ways to organize your garden tools.

Get Some Shelves

Whether you have a shed or not, putting up some shelves will help to organize your garden tools. The inside of a shed would be the obvious place for them but if you have tools that are okay getting wet, you could attach some to a nearby wall. The benefits of shelves outside are the same as the benefit of shelves inside; they keep items off the floor and keep them neat and tidy. If you have a shed, you want to be able to walk inside and find what you are looking for with ease. Getting some shelves will help you organize your garden tools.

Repurpose Your Shower Caddy

Although you may have a bunch of tools that you need, you might find that your day-to-day gardening only requires a select few pieces. If this is the case, repurpose a shower caddy, or similar storage solution with a handle and various compartments, and fill it with your essentials. This way you can have this by the door and carry it with you as you potter around the garden. Try to find one with enough compartments that you can take everything you need with you, as well as a bottle of water or maybe some snacks to keep you going. Think of it as a little toolbox with all your essentials in there. Repurposing a shower caddy and filling it with a few select items is a great way to organize your garden tools.

Green Thumbs Up

Dealing with a messy shed, piled high with tools can be annoying and take away some of the joys of gardening. A lot of tools are large and difficult to put away neatly and if you are a keen gardener you’ll find yourself with lots of little bits and pieces. By using some of the tips mentioned in this article you should find yourself with a better system for organizing your garden tools, which will make you want to be in the garden all the time.