Robert DeJesus Transforms Real People Into Stunning Cartoon and Anime Characters

Two years ago, we wrote about Robert DeJesus, a talented American artist who transforms photos of strangers into anime and cartoon characters. He drew some marvelous characters back in the day and today, two years later he’s still producing some great art. “I got into drawing and Anime during high school. Years later, when I started attending anime/manga shows as a guest around the US, the Anime caricatures became a favorite with my followers and since then I kept making them”, says DeJesus. His popularity skyrocketed over the years and now he sells his drawings via his eBay store. If you like his work, visit him on Facebook here.

DeJesus loves turning people and their pets into cartoon characters.

He’s a rather talented illustrator.


His technique is simply amazing.



This cartoon would be interesting to watch.

This is one happy cat!

Huge red eyes.

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