30 Epic Mountain Tattoo Ideas

Have you been raised by wolves? Do you hate crowded city life? The people? The pollution? Do you feel sometimes like you could leave everything behind and live rest of your life in the mountains? Fight bears, lions and such. Or maybe just get a tattoo of a mountain. Bring the mountain to you. It’s almost the same way of conquering it. Not really. Still, these tattoo ideas are great nether less, and they can be epic. You can do just a few squiggly lines if you are afraid of needles and say you had an epic mountain tattoo, like photo 2, not pointing fingers or anything. Yeah, I am. Or actually, do an insane work of art like the first next one. After that, you can say anything you want like you were the one who raised the wolves and not the other way around. It’s your tattoo, it’s your life. Just do it, or go to the mountains, it’s cheaper.

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