Artist Uses Watercolor Technique to Recreate Photos of Cities Found Online

Browsing and enjoying lovely photos of famous and popular travel destinations is one of the best activity a person can do on the Internet, right? Well, this artist from Japan found the way to take this wonderful hobby one step further by using the watercolor technique in order to recreate photos of famous cities.  This Japanese painter, better known as horiaki2, focuses on the architectural aspect of this cities. His stunning paintings are incredibly detailed which makes them even more beautiful. The talented artist says that he paints by watching the photos on the Internet and that one day he would like to actually travel the world and sketch along the way. Well, good luck on your journey, horiaki2!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Quebec, Canada

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Kyoto, Japan

Prague, Czech Republic

Dresden, Germany

Colmar, France

Budapest, Hungary

Kyoto, Japan

Paris, France

Georgetown, Washington DC

via (mymodernmet)

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