Paper Airplane Tattoos – Nearly Endless Possibilities and Meanings

Are you thinking about getting a paper airplane tattoo? It’s a good idea to think about exactly what type of airplane design that you want to get before committing to anything. You can stick with a simple plane with creases, or you could add in more elements to make the tattoo more personal. You might even decide that you want to have a smoke trail behind the plane with some words on it. Just like with most other tattoo designs, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to picking out a paper airplane tattoo design. We prepared some ideas for you, followed by all the meanings we gathered from experiences of tattoo artists all around the world.

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Many people will get the paper airplane tattoo to show that they love to travel.

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There are plenty of designs used to express these feelings, but a more common one is when they have paper airplanes flying around the globe.

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Similarly, some people will get the paper airplane tattoo to show that they have an adventurous side.

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Some people will get the paper airplane tattoo to show that they have a carefree attitude.

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If you consider yourself to be a dreamer, you could definitely get a paper airplane tattoo to represent that part of you.

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While the paper airplane alone can represent your dreamer side, it perhaps works a bit better if you add in a couple more images to make the message a bit clearer.

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Believe it or not, the paper airplane tattoo can also represent more somber things.

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For example, if someone recently had a tough breakup and wants to learn from those experiences, they might get the paper airplane tattoo to remind themselves that they are carrying their past with them.

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 A person can get their paper airplane tattoo as a reminder to let go of the things that have held them back during their lives.

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These are the paper airplane tattoos that usually have trails behind them, representing letting go of the past.

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The paper airplane tattoo can also be used as a reminder to keep moving forward in life.

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This is an especially great meaning to use if you are stepping into a new stage of your life and you want to remind yourself to get the most out of each day without dwelling on the past.

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Like most origami In Japan, the paper airplane has its own meaning. The paper airplane represents starting all over or “throwing yourself” into the future.

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While these are Japanese meanings, many people in Western countries will get the paper airplane tattoo for the same reasons since they want to use the tattoo as a way to motivate themselves throughout their lives.

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