20+ Cool Bat Tattoos and Their Meanings

Bats are cool as heck. They’re like cats with wings. People even have them as pets. Awesome.
You wanna be cool and scary, be a bat. Wanna fly, be a bat. Wanna be a Batman, be a bat and a man. These bat tattoos are bulletproof. Highly sensitive to the environment; a symbol of bat tattoos is often intuition, vision, and dreams. Often fear-based symbolism that follows these moody tattoos brings various reasons to get them inked down on your skin. Creatures that sleep in the caves and rise out in the night also speak rebirth. More meanings include Journeying, facing your inner demons, communication (bats are highly social especially within a family), darkness and death, illusion, yet sometimes prosperity and happiness. As with any art form and metaphorical subjects your own dark epic or adorable bright bat can mean whatever you feel like. Your bat tattoo, your story. Be cool like bats.

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Let’s be real, bats are cool as heck

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1. Symbolism – Intuition – due to bats’ highly sensitive senses

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2. Symbolism – Facing your inner demons

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3. Symbolism – Communication (bats are highly social especially within a family)

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4. Symbolism – Rebirth – Bats rise out of caves each night

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More meanings: Journeying, darkness, and death, illusion, yet prosperity and happiness as well

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As far as the meaning behind your bat tattoo goes… It’s your bat, your story, your meaning.

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My guess is that Batman prolly has this tat on his butt-cheek

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If you’re a spawn of Dracula this tattoo is also a great idea

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