25 Sun and Moon Tattoo Design Ideas

Embrace your own duality! We all have so-called solar traits and lunar traits. Obviously, the sun would represent your solar traits such are leadership, ego, reason, potential and more. On the other hand, lunar traits are seen as the moon, and they are often our emotions and intuitions. Together ‘half sun half moon’ tattoos symbolize the balance of lunar and solar traits in your very being. It can be a perfect harmony or total chaos and both can be inked in a specific way. In the case of harmony, you would like to have the sun and the moon facing each other in a peaceful manner. The opposite would be to have them facing outwards appearing as your inner struggle. The color, as well as the shape, take a great deal in determining its meaning. Full moon often represents insanity and big change, while the crescent moon embraces the negative energy in you. Also, the blue moon would refer to saying “ once in a blue moon,” making it a rare occurrence, some kind of event, celebration or accomplishment. Duality is all around us in Nature and in us too. Embrace it, love it!

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