16 Ornamental Nature-Themed Tats by Alexandra Tabuns

The traditional style of combining dotwork and linework is still in its prime as Alexandra Tabuns from Saint-Petersburg, Russia showcases her meticulous work. As the best style that comprehends religious and spiritual tattoos, it is also used by many artists to create magnificent complex designs and stunning shading. Where patience is the key Alex sure has mastered its technique whether she’s using hand poke method or tattoo gun. Her work is usually nature themed and ornamental. She is not afraid to create very large pieces and they all look outstanding in their beauty and detail. If you’re interested in making an appointment with this brilliant artist you can do it here. Also, check out her Facebook or Instagram page.

Beautiful ornamental tat by Sasha Tabuns from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Nature-themed piece of art eternalized in ink.

Delicate dotwork shading.

Dotwork tats take more time than other techniques.

Therefore patience is the key and Alex is the Master of it.

Large ornamental tats are her specialty.

Sharp linework and stunning dotwork shading.

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