Barclay the Golden Retriever and Rudy the Duck are the Best Dynamic Duo You’ll Ever See

You probably think dogs and birds simply can’t get along, right? Well, you’re wrong. Meet the Golden Retriever named Barclay and his best friend, a four-year-old duck Rudy. These two probably know more about friendship than all humans combined. At first, these two were a bit careful around each other, but soon enough, they relaxed and became best friends. “When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other”, says the owner, Pam Ishiguro. They are absolutely adorable together and they spend so much time keeping each other’s company. Barclay loves to sneak up on the duck, and Rudy loves to go “dog climbing”. They are the perfect duo!

Nap time.

The cutest hug.

The ducks love him.

Play time.

“Dog climbing.”


Best friends forever.

via (boredpanda)

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