Adopted One-Eyed Cat Called Stitch and a Bull Terrier Became Best Friends

Adopting animals when you already have a pet of your own can sometimes be rather tricky. That’s exactly what 24-year-old Phoebe Gill thought when she saw a one-eyed kitty, Stitch. However, she simply had to adopt her. The kitty was mistreated and neglected by her previous owner, so Phoebe wanted to give this unfortunate cat a chance of a better life. There was only one problem, she didn’t know how her Bull Terrier Alaska would react. Luckily for her, the two started to get along immediately and became an inseparable duo! “They eat together, sleep together, play together and I’m pretty sure if Stitch was allowed outside they would also poop together,” says Phoebe.

The former owner neglected her.

But Phoebe gave her a new chance.

Stitch and Alaska.

She loves climbing the drapes.

These two are inseparable.

Simply adorable!

They do everything together.

A heartwarming story!

via (boredpanda)

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