Turkish Region Cappadocia Looks Almost Too Good to be Real

Photography can sometimes make certain places look so good that you may think it’s Photoshop. One of those places is definitely a region of Turkey called Cappadocia. This magical place will simply take your breath away in the best possible way. Cappadocia is a unique region with interesting volcanic landscapes and an underground city which was established 1000 years B.C. When it comes to newer history, this place is known for its daily tradition of launching hot-air balloons. The incredible landscapes and these lovely, colorful balloons are an absolutely stunning combination. No wonder people think it’s Photoshop. If you like these photos, feel free to follow Kristina Makeeva on Instagram where you can find more amazing photographs.

Breathtaking colors.

It looks so surreal.

Spectacular view.

The perfect place to chill with your friends.

Stunning landscapes.

It looks even better during winter.

A perfect place for a morning coffee.


Simply stunning.

The colors are amazing.

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