17 Vintage Photos That Show How Children Played Before Smartphones Were Invented

We live in a world where technology plays the most important part of our lives. The new generations think of it as normal, but it wasn’t always like this. Back in the day kids didn’t play with smartphones, computers, and gaming systems. They were outside more, playing with each other and animals. Going on adventures and exploring the forests was the coolest thing ever. This heartwarming series of vintage photographs proves that children didn’t need technology in order to have fun. A little bit of imagination is all you actually need. This should be a wake-up call for parents all over the world. Raise your children right, don’t just buy them a smartphone, encourage their imagination and their original thought. We have so much to learn from these lovely photos from the past.

Exploring the underground.

Source: Popperfoto

Reading comic books outside.

Source: Thurston Hopkins

Hanging out with animals.

Source: unknown

Drawing on the pavement.

Source: Shirley Baker
Source: Robert Doisneau

This little fella had some real fun!

Source: Robert Doisneau

They knew how to entertain themselves.

Source: unknown

They didn’t need the audience.

Source: Philippe le Tellier
Source: ANP

They knew how to express themselves.

Source: Helen Levitt
Source: Roger Mayne

The games were different. More innocent.

Source: William Vanderson
Source: Getty Images
Source: Mirrorpix

They respected animals.

Source: nationalgeographic.com
Source: Don Brinn

Back in the day, kids didn’t need much.

Source: Todd Webb – via (boredpanda)

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