Mysterious Women in Illustrative Portrait Tattoos

From the old school traditional black ink background, Lydia Marier has evolved and moved to an illustrative, mysterious and surrealistic skin art. She completed her apprenticeship with Oly Anger and became a full-time tattooer at ‘Oly Anger Tattoo’, studio in Montreal. With her knowledge of illustrative and graphic design and skills acquired with Oly, she was able to channel her moody and riddling soul in the perfect way possible by creating her very own specific hybrid. Mostly two motifs are seen dominating: the enigmatic faces of very confident ladies and beautiful flora, usually as addition or even the main element. Everything is composed together using black work, stippling, and negative space to balance the pieces flawlessly. Still, these ladies are left with a strong mystery in their eyes, giving us a hard time to understand the state they’re in. Their existence makes the air feel haunting around us, with the answers that seem hidden right in front of our eyes. For denouement, you’ll need to follow Lydia Marier’s Instagram page and hope to understand these surrealistic secrets formed in ink.

Tattoos by Lydia Marier

Lydia is a full-time tattooer in ‘Oly Anger Tattoo’ studio from Montreal

Enigmatic ladies and flowers are the usual motifs

Black work, stippling, and negative space for a perfect balance

Illustrative, mysterious and surrealistic

Mysterious girls leave us with a haunting feeling

Often flowers replace the parts of model’s face

Día de muertos

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