The Architectural Trends to Watch in 2019

Architecture is something that is all around us every day, and yet many of us pay little, if any, mind to it. We don’t tend to think about the trends and styles that are emerging around us and we generally don’t notice these things until someone else points them out to us. It is arguably the sign of a good architect that their work goes largely unnoticed. For example, architects who work exclusively in designing residential homes often strive to create buildings that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

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The following architectural trends are the ones to look out for in the field of home design over the next year. These trends are likely to remain a notable presence in the world of architecture for at least the next few years. If you are having a home built to your own custom specifications using a business such as Treasured Spaces, these are the trends that you should be insisting upon.

Focus on the Kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Not only is it where we prepare and eat most of our food, it is also a crucial room for when we are entertaining guests. Any social gatherings that you hold will certainly go down a storm if you are able to host your guests in a kitchen that has been designed with entertainment in mind.

Space to Unwind
We all need space to unwind and relax, especially in today’s hectic world. Previously, we have given over space in our homes to studies, offices, or other places where we can relax and find some quiet. Now, the trends are beginning to shift. The preference now is to design homes with these kind of spaces in from the very beginning.

Multi-Use Space
This is a trend that has been developing and growing within the world of home design for some time now. It is now also increasingly becoming a consideration for architects as well. Spaces which are versatile, which can be used for a number of potential purposes, can be anything they need to be.

Outdoors Indoors
This trend is an extension of the multi-use trend we touched on above. Indoor outdoor spaces are those spaces inside a home which incorporate outdoor elements, most often plants. These spaces also typically have large windows, or are largely made of glass, in order to allow as much light in as possible.

We live in more environmentally conscious times than ever before. In today’s world, virtually all industries are making a push towards sustainability. Architects are increasingly under pressure to produce designs which allow for the highest portion of sustainable construction materials possible.

These are just some of the most prominent architectural trends that are emerging this year. The field is an unpredictable one; developments in other fields, such as technology and construction, have a significant impact on the direction that the architectural world takes. We expect these trends to persevere long into next year, perhaps even beyond.

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