Loose Illustrative Watercolor Tattoo Magic by Robson Carvalho

One look at the super precise and magical watercolor tattoos by one of the most famous artists from Sao Paolo, Brazil, and your thoughts about watercolor tats will change completely. You may already be a fan of this style but Robson Carvalho will make you a believer. An illustrative poet with a tattoo machine for a pen and a skin for a canvas. Whimsy and mystic, Carvalho creates an escape from the traditional approach and brings realms of magic to life. His work looks even better finished on a human then it looks in his sketchbook. Loose, unguided, yet with perfect shading, lines are fading out and colors seem to wash away just right in the right places to produce unmatched quality and precision. Imagination is running wild, and the great creative mind of Carvalho seems to be an inexhaustible source of brilliant ideas. For more of his dream-like ink fantasies, you can check out his fantastic Instagram page.

By Robson Carvalho

One of the most popular tattoo artists from Sao Paolo, Brazil




Whimsy and magical

An escape art form

Lines fade out and colors wash away perfectly

Carvalho’s imagination seems to be an endless source of mystic and beauty

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