My Wild Red Squirrel Valentine

The things squirrels would do for love. Most of the photos are just the way they are, but those with 2 squirrels in them were shot two times, once with each squirrel and later combined together in Photoshop. These photos were shot by Geert Weggen, a professional photographer who has immeasurable likings towards the wild red squirrels to which he’s devoted his career. After many years of following and researching their adorable ways and photographing them in various scenarios using props, Weggen always tries to come up with new ideas to keep his work interesting and themes like Valentine open up new fun and creative opportunities. 48-year-old Weggen is a winner of many national and international awards for his fantastic work He’s an author of 4 animal photo books, published in 4 different languages. On his website, you’ll see more of the hilarious wilds red squirrels on his new 2017 calendars, tarot cards, postcards and more.

“The love I have for these wonderful wild red squirrels I try to express in my photos.”

This giant heart is for you, my lady.

Dashing through the snow, for my lovely girl.

“The most photos are exactly how I’ve shot them.”

“For the photos with 2 squirrels in it I shot 2 photos of the same scene…”

“…with squirrels standing in different positions…”

“…and stacked them together in Photoshop.”

I’m so charming. Oh, my god. I’m irresistible.

Valentine couple

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