Heartwarming Floral Illustrations of Couples Will Leave You Love Longing

Fashion illustrator from Singapore Grace Ciao uses flowers to bring to life her vivid visions of romantic and heartwarming nature. Her drawings are always bright and true delight. With a fresh take on a floral trend, her illustrations shine through the vibrant colors of her final artwork. The rose given to her by a boy has put the wheels in motion and soon after her unique career was born. With a wish to preserve the grace of a dying rose an idea came up by an accident and from that moment she started using flower petals in her art. Now she creates wonderful artwork which she sells on her online shop where you can choose your favorite illustration and its size from her wide product line.

Simply beautiful array of colors

She captures magic of love in the most adorable ways

Always vibrant and uplifting

Majestic artwork from a proud romantic

via (boredpanda)

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