Phenomenal Blackwork Tattoos by Thomas Eckeard

Thomas Eckeard serves a bold orthodox style of blackwork tattoos with an appealing twist. His delicate design mostly nature inspired, brings freshness into the world of black ink. Through charming and gentle ideas, his tattoos will always catch a wondering eye. With more conventional yet surreal tattoo art, Thomas has booked his place as one of the most talented and unique blackwork artists. He usually creates small and at first look simple designs, but they are filled with impeccable detail sometimes done with dot work and etching-style lines. Surrealism can be felt in his subtle surprises or obvious and bizarre fantasies crossed with realistic elements that correlate perfectly together. More of his brilliant work can be seen on his Instagram account.

Actaea pachypoda

Driving into the sunset




Vincent van Gogh

Howling at the moon

The ultimate chill

Peace brothers and sisters

Mont Saint-Michel

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