Iconic Dolls – IDollz – by Dito Von Tease

IDollz, perfectly named combining ‘idol’ and ‘doll’ is a wonderful plaything by Bologna-based digital artist Dito Von Tease. Today celebrities look (thanks to Photoshop) and live their lives the way we can’t and it often brings us down, so we live in their own worlds, which is very wrong. We’re trying to be similar to the false and manufactured idea of “celebrity.” Dito Von Tease shares his thoughts: “The representation of celebrities as dolls reveals the mystery of their power: their magnificence does not belong to them, but it depends on people and their investiture, belief, and confidence. So postmodern idols become like toys in the hands of their fans, citizens, faithful, or users.” Artist is using his IDollz to explore the meaning of “contemporary simulacra”. This term can be described as “the transformation of the symbolic into the semiotic image – a journey from reflecting reality to masking reality, to having no relation to reality whatsoever.”

Elvis Presley

Charlie Chaplin

Frida Kahlo

Albert Einstein

Papa Francesco

Marilyn Monroe

Barack Obama

Freddie Mercury

Queen Elizabeth II

Dalai Lama

Amy Winehouse

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