Fine Art Photographer Found Beauty After Giving up on Photoshop Manipulations

Michal Zahornacky is a professional and passionate fine art photographer from Slovakia since 2014. He bought his first camera in 2011, and since then, he’s made a name for himself as a self-taught artist with a unique style and specific messages. His goal is to take photographs that will make people think about its realness and its hidden meaning. “The challenge of thinking and creating scenes is very big, difficult, but beautiful,” Michal says. In fine art, photographs are meant to be created in accordance with the artist’s vision, so the preparation phase is long as the objects are all real. His main motives are people, nature, and moody weather. Combining them all together into his unclear imagination represented to the viewer to think hard about its message and metaphorical meaning. Every photograph has its own specific story told through unique atmosphere and emotions. More on his Facebook page.

Embracing the nature

The brightest star in the blue sky

What lies underneath

Art takes you to wondrous places

Through the  looking glass

X-mas man

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