Dramatic Sunrise/Sunset Urban and Landscape Photography by Imre Krénn

Imre Krénn’s a very dedicated urban and landscape photographer from Budapest, Hungary. Artist aims to influence and be immediately recognized through his unique style and perspective. “Nowadays lot of people are recognize me from my pictures. And thats the main thing to me.” Favorite time for Kodak moments for Imre Krénn is during sunrise and sunsets. Sun bathes the Earth and the air with powerful and vivid colors that create such dramatic photographs Krénn looks for. “The sky and clouds are crazy and the colors are warm and pleasant. I try to shoot photos without any people, only the sky with the beautiful architectural elements are in focus,” artist wrote on his official website. While working on Landscapes nothing really changes except that Krénn wishes to present well-known places in a different light covered by new emotions and completely new meaning. Influencing mind indeed.
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Urban and Landscape Photography by Imre Krénn

Artist comes from Budapest, Hungary

Artist aims to be recognized for his unique style and perspective

Favorite times for kodak moments are sunrise and sunsets

Goal – “Adding new emotions and new meaning to already well-known places”

Photographer/influencer loves creating dramatic photos

Vivid sky and air bathing in warm and pleasant colors

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