Charming Duo – Hugo and Ursula’s Adventures

Meet new Instagram stars Hugo and Ursula, aka ’a golden retriever and his beloved food dispenser’. Ursula Aitchison is obsessed with her doggo and she happily disregards the advice that says “never work with animals”. She’s a founder of Phodography, offering people with dogs exlusive photoshoots. With a background in fashion, photographs end in a stylish composition beautifully portraying a lovely bond between dogs and their owners. As a proof of a truly passionate professional Ursula had spent more than a year photographing her own dog Hugo in hilarious costumes and situations. “Phodography was inspired by my late great Uncle and painter Craigie Aitchison and his beloved Belington Terriers who were always by his side and in his work,” Ursula shares. Over the last 5 years of working with dogs, the artist can’t be any happier and it shows in her amazing Instagram feed where she shares the spotlight with her Hugo.

Meet Hugo the golden retriever and his food dispenser Ursula

About to fly away in a style

A French Poet

College professor Hugo

English breakfast and Bohemian Jewish novelist

Rocking the turtleneck

Detectives on the case

Father Hugo and sister Ursula

Hugo doesn’t really do it the right way

Too cool for school

You want none of this

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