Norwegian Long-Night Winter Nature Photography by Even Tryggstrand

The land of fjords in its full magnificence during its long night winters captured by the lens of Even Tryggstrand. Using Nikon d5300 with 18-140mm lenses, the Scandinavian artist is able to silently walk through the snowy wonders and leave with these stunning landscapes. Beside incredible mountains, snow-capped peaks, cliffs by the sea and famous fjords, Tryggstrand has been hypnotized by the well-known glow show in the sky, Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights in its magical ghostly green sky dance is a natural phenomenon that can be witnessed only at few locations on Earth at a specific time. If Even Tryggstrand’s photos made you an addict to Norwegian nature, make sure to follow him on his Instagram.

Norway, the land of fjords

The land of sea-side cliffs and mountains covered by heavy snow

Tryygstrand uses Nikon d5300 with 18-140mm lenses

Aurora Borealis

The magnificent ghostly green natural sky show

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