Greena the Golden Retriever Follows her Owner on Great Adventures

Some people like to travel with their friends, some love solitude and then there are people who simply can’t imagine their adventure without their dogs. The case is no different with this woman from Romania who loves going on adventures with her Golden Retriever called Geena. This adorable dog has followed her owner on many nature walks, festivals, parties, and even one wedding. Geena also participated in a few dog shows. She’s a rather popular dog in Romania. Enjoy these lovely photos of their hiking adventures.

True partners.

Travel buddies.

They’re conquering the world together.

Greena is a faithful companion.

She’s also rather playful.

Stunning nature.

Exploring together.

They always have time for a little dance in the woods.

Or on the mountain.

Look at that view.

These two are simply adorable together.

Spectacular sunset.

via (boredpanda)

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