How Vaping Influences Urban Fashion

Who are the vapers?
Vapers are people who smoke vapor pen. But it will be too simple to define vapers as just smokers because there is something more hidden behind this word.

Vapers are lovers of technical innovations. They hold meetings to share experience and impressions. At the last meeting, for example, you did not see a single vaper with a typical electronic cigarette, bought somewhere at a gas station or supermarket. It would be too easy and not so attractive. A self-respecting vaper must have the most unusual and unique vape pen. These devices do not have rechargeable batteries, and they do not have a container with special liquids, which can be filled several times. The last madness among the vapers is a personal smoking pipe, the only one of a kind.

Is that popular?

After there was a boom for the vaping, dozens of companies suddenly appeared at the market. They offer a vast variety of accessories for electronic cigarettes, with which you can create your own unique tube.

“If you are just a vaper, it’s cool, but if you want to become a true enthusiast, you must purchase a unique tube,” experts say in this matter.

Most of them look like long and smooth metal cylinders, but there are also unique specimens. The color palette is just amazing – you can choose any color to your taste. By law, by the way, in the US, manufacturers of any kinds of a vaporizer pen are forbidden to talk in advertising, that they help people quit smoking. The Food and Drug Administration still classifies vape pen mods, even without smell, as conventional cigarettes.

Is vaping a subculture?
To some extent – yes. Like any other subculture, vaping has its own distinctive features and attributes, which make it possible to consider it an independent and self-valuable phenomenon. The main elements of the culture of the vaping should be attributed to the presence of:

• A particular language, which every vaper speaks. He knows what is cloud chasing, mode, e-liquid and not only;
• Places where the gather. Vaping shops quickly became shelters for true connoisseurs. Initially, these were just shops where you can buy everything you need for vaping. However, now it is a meeting place for all passionate vapers, where you can talk with like-minded people, discuss new gadgets and unusual mixtures;
• Special events, especially the competitions on stunts with steam and clouds, which are held at the world level within the framework of exhibitions and presentations of novelties in vape devices and accessories world.
Probably the coolest thing about the paper is that it’s a big get-together in which everyone is friendly. Every vape shop is a social club: you can always come and find someone to talk with.

The style of vapers
Perhaps you have friends who use vape pens from, and you know what I’m talking about. Or you probably have never thought about the fact that they have their distinctive style of clothing.
In unique shops are sold not only devices, liquids and various details and accessories. There, you can find unique clothes that every venerable vaper should have. By buying unique items from your favorite vape company, you not only get beautiful clothes but also support the merchandise of a company. But don’t you dare think that there is nothing more in style of vapers than a branded t-shirt. The street style mostly inspires the collections, or streetwear, hot fashion bloggers, call that.

Vape clothing is a new wave of street fashion that is very similar to urban style trends we all wear on a daily basis.

Streetwear is a style of clothing that combines fashion and street culture which has always existed, but only in recent years has become a fashionable independent trend. Apparel combines a multitude of references to a variety of cultural patterns and ways of life. At the same time is the most convenient option for every day.

The distinctive features of the street style
In the street style, there are no rules. On the contrary, it completely ignores the previously adopted norms. You can easily combine branded cloth with things from second-hand, various prints and colors, styles and directions. The main rule is to feel comfortable. That’s why the basis is usually taken casual – the so-called urban style. You can add items of sporting, romantic or even business style, along with fascinating details or combinations. Jeans, sports pants, T-shirts, sneakers and of course hoodies – a list of the main components.

The audience, who prefers this style, grows and expands every year. This style does not become less popular over the years, instead, even vice versa. This street fashion is not tied to a particular subculture, and since 1990 it has grown popular not only in America but all over the world. It is from this style that the concept of “look” – the image of a person. This style is trendy in Japan, at first it was produced by small companies – now the style of streetwear is prevalent in large companies too.

The look of vapers

Sneakers, t-shirt with funny sayings, jeans, hoodie and baseball cap – this is a classic combination. Hats and caps are trendy among vapers both because of comfort and distinctive style feature. Jeans – the most famous men’s trousers for the last hundred years – skillfully hide the shortcomings and favorably emphasize your dignities. It is perhaps, the most popular and practical piece of cloth. A hoodie (also called a hooded sweatshirt, hooded jumper or hoody) is a sweatshirt with a hood. Hoodies often include a muff sewn onto the lower front, and usually a drawstring to adjust the hood opening.

The advantage of vaping clothes is that you can wear it with anything. And there are no rules that you should follow. It is all about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable. Just as the perfect vape pen, the right vapewear combines looks and functionality seamlessly. Vape clothing trend grows, so more and more companies are releasing unique clothing lines. There is a lot of humor and inspiration over all items. Don’t be shy to show the world your feeling of style!

About the Author: Phyllis Baker is the blogger specializing in health and lifestyle. Currently, she studies vaping as the quitting smoking alternative and manages public relations for the quitting smoking community.

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