Magical Iceland Landscape Photos by Oscar Keserci

It all started as a dream. A life goal born from the moment Oscar Kesecri had bought his first camera. As a young aspiring artist, he wished to travel to Iceland and capture its amazing landscapes. 4 years after he initially discovered his great passion towards the landscape photography, on the 1st of April, Kesecri finally made his trip to his dreamland. He went all alone for just one week, searching, driving and gazing upon miracles he saw. With rented SUV he had to drive by himself more than 20 hours around the entire country. He booked few hostels all around Western, Southern and Eastern Region. “I drove through snowstorms, sandstorms, icy roads, rain, wind and pretty much any weather conditions you can imagine. Sometimes it was scary but for me, it was an adventure.” With so many places to go to under a just a week of time, he had to create a sleeping schedule from midnight to 5 am. He found the best times for Kodak moments were right at the sunrise and during the sunsets. 2 days before his journey came to an end Oscar was lucky to witness incredible Northern Lights and enjoy them for a full hour. During his adventure, he even broke 3 ND filters and had to wait for 4 hours in cold before finally, Aurora Borealis introduced herself, but it was all worth it. Make sure to visit his official page and check out his Instagram for more of his amazing landscapes.

Iceland Landscapes – Project by Oscar Keserci

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Oscar waited 4 hours outside to witness magical Aurora

He travelled all alone across the Iceland for 1 week

He had to drive through snowstorms, sandstorms, icy roads, rain, wind…

He drove more than 20 hours all alone

He slept 5 hours a day so he could get done everything in time

He found that the best times for shooting were at the sunrise and during sunset

Now Oscar can’t wait to come back and visit Iceland for a longer period of time

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