Nailing that Microsoft 70-410 Exam

In the field of IT technology, Microsoft will always be one of the leading multinational technology companies with top-notch apps and remarkable cloud services. Accordingly, having a Microsoft certification under your belt is a serious CV booster that attracts employers. And one of the most in-demand certifications for IT professionals is the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification, which proves one’s capacity to handle a Windows Server 2012 environment.

But before getting that highly-acclaimed certification, you need to pass one of the three Microsoft examinations – the MCSA 70-410 exam. This exam revolves around installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012, including core network services, server roles, Hyper-V,

Group Policy and Active Directory.
Since the MCSA 70-410 exam is a requirement to achieve the Windows Server 2012 Certification, you need to study diligently to be able to prove your knowledge and skills in a rather complex environment like that of Windows Server 2012. Passing this exam means you have the ability to implement as well as configure a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure and its core and networking services.

IT Professionals
Microsoft 70-410 Exam is suitable for IT professionals that have in-depth knowledge, skills and experience in Windows Server 2012 environment. Consequently, it is recommended for candidates who have at least one-year experience and comprehensive understanding about implementing, provisioning, and maintaining services and infrastructures related to Microsoft 2012 server. For those with careers as a system administrator and system engineer, the journey to the exam will be easier compared to those with no Windows Server 2012 comprehension at all. That is why having the competence about the ins and outs of the Windows Server 2012 operating systems is very much helpful before taking 70-410 exam. Real life experience is definitely more beneficial than studying from literal ground zero.

Exam Content
Knowing the exam content is beneficial to be able to plan out the right studying technique. Microsoft 70-410 Exam consists of six different sections about Windows Server 2012, including Install and Configure, Configure Server Roles and Features, Configure Hyper-V, Deploy and Configure Core Network Services, Install and Administer Active Directory and Create and Manage Group Policy. All these sections make up your final score, at 15- 20 % each. That is why you need to surely understand all the exam areas to pass this Microsoft exam.

Passing any Microsoft exam is never a piece of cake. It is packed with lots of study guides, training videos, practice tests and a lot more, not to mention grueling study-outs, coffee sessions and all-nighters. But if you have set out a nice study plan, then you can alleviate the stress of cramming and brain overload. There are plenty of study resources that will guide you along the way such as the official Microsoft Exam Reference Book, Microsoft Virtual Academy, MCSA 70-740 course and, of course, some Microsoft forums.

Printed Books

Even with the upsurge of technological advancements, having a physical book within your range is clearly valuable. And one important tangible study resource is the Microsoft Exam Reference Book, which is a printed source material with content, objectives, and features of the exam. This kind of book could be a nice starting point for your Microsoft exam preparation.

Tutorial Videos

Microsoft Virtual Academy, on the other hand, is dedicated to busy professionals wanting to study everywhere and anytime. This one is an online learning resource that offers free online tutorials and presentations related to different Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server 2012.

Revision Guide

Aside from the listed study resources, certain revision guides are also very important so that your knowledge will not just be limited to the present platform but also the past features. Some of the most notable revision guides are Craig Zacker’s Exam Ref 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 and William Panek’s MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Complete Study Guide: Exams 70-410, 70-411, 70-412.
Community Forum
Learning something from people who passed the exam is another practical way to study. You can join a community that’s preparing for Microsoft 70-410 Exam so that you can easily share experiences and study techniques. Considering that these professionals have already proven their expertise on the said field, conversing to them not only provide you with insights but also broaden your range of IT topics.

Practice Tests
To test your efficiency and effectiveness with the subject matter, there are several practice tests that will help you prepare for the exam. 70-410 practice tests allow you to get a hint of the exam format as well as expand your learning about Microsoft Windows Server 2012 environment and its in-depth components. Start off with the document provided by Measure Up, the official provider of Microsoft practice test. This practice exam comes with 175 questions and detailed explanations that will make your exam preparation easier and more effective.

Windows Server Trial Version
Being able to maneuver the ins and outs of a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 environment is very much constructive. This way you get a hands-on experience with the software. And good thing, Microsoft offers a trial version of Windows Server 2012 R2, which can be accessed for 180 days from the date of download. Now, you can have a clearer grasp of the exam you’ll be taking and the career you’ll be dealing with in the future.

Microsoft Study App
To polish everything, you can download a Microsoft Study App that will help you review everywhere you go. There are different study guides and exam questions on the market but it is recommended to choose those top-rated Window Server study apps such as Transcender, uCertify, and PrepAway.


A very important reminder every time you take an exam― always be 100% ready. Thus, you should make enough preparation. Do not memorize the sample questions instead learn the principles. This kind of learning is much more functional and recommended than depending on brain dumps. Always make sure that you understand each concept related to Windows Server 2012 environment because Microsoft 70-410 Exam is just part one of the three exams needed to get that Windows Server 2012 certification.

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