How to Take Proper Care of your Betta Fish

Betta is the name of the fish that was first discovered somewhere in Southeast Asia. Its original home is the warm flood plains and drainage ditches. It is a kind of fish that possesses a unique ability to survive out of water for a short period of time because it can directly breathe oxygen from the air. Today, betta fish has already found its way into people’s homes. If you are among the new Betta fish owners, better check out the following tips on how to take proper care of it.

Get a large Betta tank.

Betta fish should not be allowed to dwell in a small bowl that deprives it of enough space for normal swimming. This small space also prevents betta fish from its hiding behavior which should be a part of its normal life. Ideally, a betta fish should be placed in a large tank that has at least a 5-gallon water capacity. So, if you have just bought your betta fish or has owned it for quite some time, it is high time that you purchase the best betta tank that your budget allows. A large betta tank will give your fish more chances to exhibit normal activity. Its large space also reduces the buildup of toxins. Don’t forget as well to avoid crowding your tank with decorations because this will not only lessen the space for betta to swim. But, too many decorations may also damage its fins.

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Avoid using tap water.

Tap water may contain harmful chemicals such as chloramine and chlorine. It also contains some heavy metals. If you use tap water, make sure to have it checked for the presence of heavy metals. It is also necessary for you to buy a dechlorinating product to reduce if not eliminate chlorine in the water.

Opt for low flow filtration system.

The quality of water where your fish swims everyday largely dictates its health. Toxins can easily build up over a period of time as more feces, urine and uneaten food also accumulate. A low flow filtration system helps ensure that the water in the tank is not filled with toxins. This kind of filtration system is also important in making sure that the fins of the fish will not suffer any injury from its filtration suction.

Set the water within the right temperature range.

Keep in mind that bettas are tropical fish which needs to stay in water with a temperature that’s within the range of 76°F to 81°F. So, it is a must that you regularly check its temperature using a thermometer. If the temperature within your home is set low might as well purchase an in-tank water heater. This way, it will not be difficult for you to maintain the water temperature in the tank.

Seeing a fish swimming in an aquarium is known to help reduce stress among humans. However, a fish in the aquarium is also a pet. This means pet owners need to be responsible enough and see to it that their betta fish is not living in a stressful environment.









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