Aboard the Epic Fantasy Landscape Train of Kevin Hufnagl’s Photography

Self-taught photographer and web designer, Kevin Hufnagl comes from Linz, Austria, and he delivers every time an epic shot of super atmospheric landscapes. Both urban and rural landscapes are his expertise as well as travel, architecture and especially portraits for which he has a separated Instagram account full of beautiful female shots. Kevin uses Sony A7III camera and he has reached almost 10k of followers on his Instagram where he publishes only his incredibly moody landscapes. You can see everything in his portfolio, from well-known city landmarks to a simple green field made to look like a glorious landmark from the epic fantasy movie. “Photographing everything that looks good in the moment,” is one of his job mottos and a true adventure is awaiting for you if you get aboard the Kevin Hufnagl’s photography train. Enjoy.
More info: Instagram (landscapes), Instagram (portraits), and Facebook.


Photography By Kevin Hufnagl

Austria’s self-taught talent, Mr. Hufnagl bring magic and mistery into his every shot

He lives his life prepared for a kodak moment to represent itself

And when it does he will always be ready

Hufnagl is focused on urban and rural landscapes, travel, architecture, and portraits

He has another Instagram account only for his beautiful portraits

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