Makeup Tips for Headshots How to Get the Perfect Look

Headshots emphasize your face and are very important for your career. They’re a photo of you when you need an image for your corporate profile, resume, or professional website. Some headshots are used in a less professional setting such as social media and dating sites, but are just as important to get quality ones.

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Before getting a headshot, it’s important to put on some makeup prior to the shoot, so your best features will be highlighted. However, there are many myths and speculations about the type and style of makeup that’ll work for a headshot.

Get the perfect look and know what kind of makeup works for headshots by reading the tips below:

  1. Prepare Your Skin Before The Shoot

It’s important to note that a headshot is all about you and not about your makeup. It would help if you let your natural beauty shine through. Makeup is only there to highlight your natural features. Therefore, you must take care of your skin before the shoot. The first step to having great makeup is to have great skin in the first place.

It’s essential to prepare your skin before your shoot by following a beauty regimen. A great routine includes proper exfoliation to get rid of dirt and grime in your pores and get rid of old dead skin. When you put makeup and foundation on dirty pores, the makeup will collect on the pores causing bumps and holes. A smooth and clean skin allows the foundation to glide on the skin and create a smooth look.

Proper moisturization is also crucial, so your skin will look fresh, plump, and hydrated. The freshness of your skin will shine through. A skin with vitality and energy is something that can’t be faked with makeup.

  1. Use A Concealer

No matter how hard you take care of your skin, you’re bound to have skin imperfections that should be hidden in a headshot. Acne scars and blemishes are just some of the things that must be covered before a shoot.

A concealer can effectively cover these. Thus, applying concealer before anything else is important.

The camera can pick up scar and blemishes that can only be covered by a foundation. Concealers provide coverage and promote even skin tone and are effective even in harsh lighting.

  1. Apply A Primer To Get Rid of Other Skin Imperfections

The primer should be applied to make for an even tone and helps you look your best. It also gives coverage for other skin imperfections, such as large pores and fine lines, by smoothening it out. Thus, primers turn your face into perfectly smooth skin.

Primers are essential to get you photo-ready, and it helps prolong the life of your makeup. This is crucial if you’re going to have a longer photoshoot session. Primers also help your skin from getting oily and shiny.

Primers should be applied from the center of the face outwards. There are primers for particular skin types, and you should choose the one that suits your needs.


  1. Apply A Foundation That’s Slightly Darker Than Your Skin Tone

Foundation is necessary when being photographed. The best foundation for photographs are ones that aren’t too dewy or moisturizing. The foundation should also be more skin-like in appearance and velvety or matte finish. These types of foundation work best for photos and bring out a flawless look.

It should also be known that photographs make your skin tone appear lighter and whiter so you have to go for a foundation that’s a darker color than your skin, so you’ll have a healthier look in your pictures

As much as possible don’ get a foundation with shimmer in them since these are only good for party events and not headshots. The shimmer in the foundation will look like blemishes, and in the end, they’ll need to be edited away in an image software program.

  1. Highlight The Eyes

People look at the eyes before anything else, and they’ll want to see that yours are bright and alive in the photos. People will not be looking at your outfit or your hair in a photo; they’ll be looking at your eyes, so highlight it and give it proper focus in your makeup.

Here are some tips on how to highlight the eyes:

  • Lashes: Thicken and elongate the lashes with a smooth mascara. If possible, you can even apply false eyelashes to give your eyes extra definition without making your eyes looking overdone.
  • Eyeshadows: Choose eyeshadows that are warm and neutral. Don’t use shimmery eye shadows since the shimmer, as mentioned, will only be distracting details in the final shot.
  • Eyebrows: Brows are crucial in headshots, so they need the attention they deserve. It would be best if you fill in sparse or thin brows to give them definition and fullness so they can serve their purpose in framing your face. You can use brow powder or regular shadow in a shade of gray or other dark colors.

Brush your eyebrows using a stiff brush starting at the center and highest point and working your way out. Follow the natural brow shape to keep it from looking artificial.

  1. Color Your Cheeks

You need to get some color into your headshot by putting on some blush to your cheeks. Prior to laying down a blush, you must already have a light dusting of powder, so the blush lays down soft and evenly.

A good color for blush will be bright pink, which works for almost everyone. Use a soft fluffy brush and start on the apples of the cheeks and blend along the cheekbones. Start with a little amount first and start building up and avoid overdoing it. The effect should be a flushed and healthy look.

  1. Applying Lip Color

Lips don’t need a lot of highlighting. As far as lip color goes, light gloss for women is sufficient, while a lip balm is appropriate for the men.

Lip liner is unnecessary and does not give a natural look to the headshot. Do not attempt to make your lips bigger with makeup, because it does not make for a great look in headshots.

Final Thoughts:

Headshots are crucial in self-presentation, and they should be done professionally. The right makeup gives your headshot a professional look that’s appropriate with your work and career.

It’s important to apply the right makeup in headshots so you can get a clear shot of your face that’ll help you be identified distinctly in any material you apply it to.




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