How to Build a Niche Website 2019

Now more than ever, people are going online to locate answers, find recommendations, and discover inspiration about topics that they are passionate about. Just as enthusiast magazines have done in the past, niche websites offer a perfect way to build excitement over a given topic. In fact, because of the scalability, niche websites offer advantages that magazine publishers could have only dreamed of.

What is a Niche Website?

Simply put, a niche website is a website that focuses heavily on one given topic that is likely neglected elsewhere on the web. This means that they can be incredibly specific: niche websites exist for everything from which tennis ball is best to what bathroom faucet will best reduce water waste. They provide their users a definite value in that the reader can gain a great deal of information, up to and including the point of being able to make a purchase. Think about it like this, while many people may be willing to go to any supermarket to buy hamburger meat, individuals are much more likely to go to a fine butcher shop in order to buy a really great steak for a special occasion. A niche website brings that sort of expert knowledge to any given topic.

Choosing a Topic

There are an infinite number of potential topics for a niche website, but two particular factors influence the choice to write more than any other. First, there has to be some level of passion for a topic. In order to score well on search engine optimization, it is crucial to have a large number of posts about the topic. Niche websites with upwards of fifty posts are not uncommon, so it will be vital to make sure that a person should be able to produce that much content.

Second, the wider world must be willing to care enough to make it profitable. Think of this as a product of value versus popularity. Plenty of people may care greatly about what kind of candy tastes best, but there is only so much money to be made per sale of candy. On the other hand, only a few people will care about a law firm referral in a given jurisdiction, but law firms will be willing to pay considerably for each referral. For those interested in learning more about the popularity of a given niche, Levi Saunders from explains that businesses that attempt to target everyone are not as successful and do not build as much loyalty with clients as businesses that market to a specific audience. It’s a great starting point to learn why it is important to not try to be everything to everyone, but instead to build authority through focus.

Making Sure A Topic is Profitable

Keeping that in mind, it is helpful to do some research on whether or not a given topic will be able to produce profits. For this, there are a number of paid resources available, but one of the best is free. Google adwords will likely be how many niche website owners will be making money early on, and it offers great statistics about not only the average monthly clicks per keyword, but also how much each click is worth.

Going Live

While there are many website builders out there, chances are that many building their first niche websites want something that is relatively straightforward and is unlikely to have many issues. To that end, WordPress is almost universally recognized as one of the best options on the internet, with considerable customization available, including thousands of themes for free. Additionally, many major website registrars have partnerships with WordPress that allow them to quickly get a website online.

Speaking of website registrars, it is essential to find one that will charge relatively little for domain registration. This could also require some flexibility, as certain domain names are cheaper than others. However, the options for monetization are severely limited for those who do not have their own website.

Monetize and Repeat

Finally, in order to make money a niche website must be monetized. There are two simple, largely passive, approaches to doing this. The most common passive approaches are to allow advertising on your site to other sites and to become an affiliate marketer. With standard advertising, the niche website is essentially hiring out space for views or clicks, depending on the arrangement made.

Ultimately, most niche websites find the most profit to be made from affiliate marketing, by which a website offers a link to another website in exchange for a portion of the sale. Amazon typically gives 2-4% of the purchase price to its affiliate marketers, but some websites offer much more.

Once all that it is done, it is simply a matter of repeating the process with a new niche and making sure that the content is up to date. With that in mind, it is possible to build a number of niche websites, providing a significant passive income in the process. As long as high standards of quality are maintained, niche websites can offer truly boundless income potential.

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