The Coolest Accessories and Gadgets for Kids This Summer

With summer already warming up our hearts and thermometers, it’s high time you searched for the coolest gadgets, accessories, and fashion trends for your little ones to flash. Whether you send your kids to the beach, prepare them for a barbecue party or simply want them to enjoy the long, summer days, there are plenty of accessories and gadgets that will certainly spark their interest.

Let’s take a look at some of the must-haves of the 2019 season and decide which ones will become a great addition for your kids and your house.


A high-quality pair of shades

Sunnies are mandatory throughout the season to protect your child’s eyes from the harmful sun rays. However, instead of going to general children stores and choosing a pair of sunglasses that look cool but come with plastic frames and lenses, you should invest in a proper pair from a professional or designer brand.

Keep in mind that we are talking about your child’s vision and health so you don’t want to risk future eye conditions due to poor protection. Unfortunately, most stores provide a wide array of designs and styles when it comes to children sunglasses without considering real UV protection.

If you plan on letting your child outside in the sun, at the beach or anywhere else, you should make sure his or her eyes are protected with a pair of 400 UV shades.


A good camera for all outdoor activities

If your child enjoys spending quality time outdoors, you might want to find a way to hold onto the most memorable moments of his or her expeditions. Therefore, a good camera such as a GoPro will keep up with all your little one’s activities by recording and photographing every moment for posterity.

You just need to make sure the camera can be mounted on any type of surface or on the safest helmets for kids and is waterproof and stain-proof. Of course, the quality of the videos and pictures matter, so go for cameras that can record in 4K and have enough internal storage space.


A solar panel backpack

Backpacks that feature small solar panels are becoming increasingly popular amongst teenagers and youngsters who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Apart from keeping all your belongings together and packing for a small one-day trip, this type of backpack also allows you to charge all your electronic devices as you walk. This way, your smartphone and tablet will never run out of battery, and you’ll keep on recording, taking photos, and browsing the Internet wherever you are.


A fruit keg tapping kit

If you always enjoyed the juice of natural fruits but want something easier than a juicer, the coolest kitchen gadget to try this summer is the fruit keg. All you have to do is insert the provided tap into the lower half of the fruit (we suggest big fruits like watermelons), and wait for the faucet to dispense the delicious juice.

This is definitely a nice addition to every garden party or barbecue for you and the little ones alike and won’t cost you a fortune either.


A UV skin coat

For those with sensitive skin who still want to enjoy the perks of summer without worrying about getting sunburnt, a skin coat with a generous UV filter is the right choice for the hot months.

Unlike regular clothing, the UV skin coat will protect your skin from harmful sun rays and provide maximum breathability. Why sweat in a long hoodie just to keep your arms and neck away from the sun? The coat uses the latest UV-block technologies and is as lightweight as possible, meaning you won’t even feel wearing it.


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