Captivating and Dreamy Female Portraits by Selina Tong

Selina Tong is a Sydney based photographer who has a strong passion for portrait, fashion and fine art photography. She has a unique style and talent for reflecting the elegance and beauty of her female models. She loves expressing her thoughts and feelings for the world we are living in through composing romantic and dreamy images. Selina’s portfolio is full of inspirational portraits each of which is captured and styled to tell the mystic story of women, including other impressions of the talented lens. ​Her work has been published in Elegant Magazine, Pump Fashion Magazine, Art of Portrait Magazine, Surreal Mag, Prolific Quarterly Magazine, Rocketlight Magazine., and many more and appreciated by other well-known photographers. If you are interested in this type of photography and look for remarkable examples to develop your own style, you must see Selina’s dramatic female portraits. Just scroll down and enjoy our gallery!

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