17 Hand Poked Tattoos by Sarah March

Dot work, also known as pointillism, is a style where an image is formed through the accumulation of dots. When it’s used for tattoos it is combined with hand poking method, where tattoo needle ‘pokes’ ink into the skin, dot by dot, without any machine. With different density and size of dots, you can achieve different depth, details, and shadings. Sarah March from North Cornwall is a specialist in dot work drawings who launched her business DIE-MONDE in 2015, where she sold her art as prints and art cards. She also runs a tattoo business where she has specialized in hand poked tattoos. Working in dot work for her drawings and tattoos, allows her to perfectly reproduce her designs from paper to the skin. She uses fine liner ink pens with varying nibs sizes that let her create complex and precise detailed art work. Recently British Vogue has featured Sarah as an up and coming artist to watch. She was also featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, Bust magazine, and the Washington post.

Put this on an “Ice Age” squirrel.

Work of art

Stunning details



Small and precise

Smart matching tattoos are the ones that can stand alone too.

This deer means business

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