14 Photos of Magical Fairy Tale Dutch Forests

A 31-year-old Dutch award winning photographer, Albert Dros has done many different photo series from Netherlands only from love for his country and to show the world non-standard beauty of his homeland. Yes, there are beautiful Amsterdam canals, tulips, and windmills that are trademarks of Netherlands, but the forests, they have some magic in them that can get you lost in for hours.  “I am addicted to landscape photography and capturing the beauty of the world,” Albert said about himself. “Forests are something different than normal landscapes. The forests offer tons of different compositions even in a very small area because of the different lining and shapes of the trees. These last few days have been very misty in my country. All the people around me are complaining about it being ‘grey’ and depressing. I always tell them: ‘Take a stroll around your local forest; you’ll be amazed by the beautiful atmosphere.’ Because that’s where forests become magical. When there is fog separating the trees from each other it’s like walking in a fairy tale. Sometimes, I’d like to forget about photographing and just enjoy the beautiful silence the forests offer. They always offer a great sense of peace and are relaxing to walk around in.”

“In summer the forests are nice and green.”

“My favourite time is autumn…”

“…when the trees start to get all kinds of colour.”

“Forests look very different from season to season.”

“But I love winter too.”

“When the leaves fall off the trees.”

“Creating magical or spooky atmospheres.”

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