Explorer – Apartment Designed in 2016 by Awork Design Studio

Explorer is located in Taoyuan, China, an apartment designed by awork design studio in 2016 with the main goal to be children friendly and human-centered through wide open space and a maximum of natural lighting. With the open design, children will have plenty of space to play and create their own small worlds. With two big French windows in the main room, daylight will easily create more healthy and positive environment. The big open space is visually zoned with several areas for different purposes. Hardwood is used as a base tone for overall interior and its pleasant feel creates a welcoming entrance for a home. Next to the 2 big windows is the living/dining room and a multifunctional study where the daylight shines brightly for a family to enjoy dining or reading. All functional areas are designed with versatility in mind. And more variations can be created by simply rearranging the furniture.

Whole view of the main room

Visibly different function areas

Children’s room

Bedrooms and bathroom

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